[PlanetCCRMA] Looking for utility to split midi files

steve linabery slinabery at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 11:01:56 PDT 2008

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 12:14 PM, steve linabery <slinabery at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 11:18 AM, steve linabery <slinabery at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> First, thanks to all the contributors to planet ccrma. It is a joy to
>> use this set of tools.
>> I record with a combination of vDrums and real cymbals. Since I have
>> only 4 input channels, I capture my performance by recording the audio
>> of the real cymbals with ardour, and the midi from the vDrum brain
>> with rosegarden. Then I pipe the midi back into the vDrum brain and
>> record the output in ardour. This allows me more control over the
>> mixdown.
>> I'd like even more control, to the level of individual pads on the vDrum.
>> Is there a utility that will split a midi file into several files, one
>> for each note in the "track"?
>> Alternately, is there a way to configure rosegarden to capture only
>> certain midi notes per track?
>> I don't *think* I have many options on the vDrum end, like "what
>> channel does this pad send on?", but I may be wrong. And I'm kind of a
>> midi noob. So any advice is welcome!
>> Thanks again,
>> Steve
> Answered my own question, but here is the answer in case anyone else wondered:
> Rosegarden track settings allow you to capture only a specific range
> of notes (among other useful filtering settings).
> Thank you, Rosegarden developers!!!
> Good day,
> Steve

Strike two.

This doesn't drop midi events outside the range; it's just for
"drawing" new segments into the tracklist...new segments will have the
clef/range specified.

So I'm back to my original question: How to (without copying & pasting
a bunch of notes every time I want to record a track) split tracks.

Oh, And I was hoping to avoid using the "split segment on pitch"
editing tool...I want to capture to separate tracks.


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