[PlanetCCRMA] M-Audio Delta 1010 LT

pyrael admin.covenantofblood at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 10:54:00 2008

nicholas manojlovic-2 wrote:
> how do you use MIDI with envy24control?
> very interesting
> nm

I think I can actually answer this(even though I don't have a control
surface - yet)

HTH is using an external mixer board type MIDI controller, The sliders send
MIDI signals to different hardware and software (for those that don't know).
The mixer can receive MIDI control signals (like MTC, MMC, etc...) to allow
the control surface to be the "master". This lets you control various
software controls by the external board. I noticed that by default, My MIDI
sequencer will "chase" to MTC to allow the MIDI to "synch" with other
audio/midi devices. I'd assume that envy24 works the same way with MCC or
another control format. 

Roy wrote:
>> I don't know about the Delta 1010LT so I can't help you with the jumper
>> settings. I have the rackmount Delta 1010.
>> I'm not in front of my audio workstation atm (day job) :~(
>> What I do for EnvyControl24, I go to the 3rd tab (Patchbay i think) and
>> change the output from PCM to the channel of the output.
>> I have an older EV 1642 sound board that has direct in/outs on each
>> channel. I use a TRS to stereo cable so my returns are on the same
>> channel as my sends. In my case, I simply change the PCM setting to the
>> channel hardware setting. You can then go to the 1st tab (again, I don't
>> remember the exact name) and link the stereo controls (Link tab at the
>> bottom) and control mute and output there, just as if it were hardware.
>> I also have a BCF2000 midi control surface, so I can assign the channel
>> to a slider if needed.
>> HTH
cool, thanks for the reply.
unfortunately, until I buy the 1010LT, I have no way of trying out your
advice (Just tried to start the envy24 mixer - NOT). But I will save this
message and use it in the future when I have the card. -Now I'm getting
really fidgety on buying that thing :-P

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