[PlanetCCRMA] Ardour2.2 coming soon?

David Nielson naptastic at comcast.net
Sat Jan 26 23:44:00 2008

sara lidgey wrote:
> Hey All,
> Can anyone tell me if Ardour 2.2 will be available from ccrma anytime 
> soon?
> It has some new things that'll be really helpful to me.
> Thanks!
Following Ardour development, it's worthwhile to download all the 
relevant packages and SVN tree, and build it yourself. The hardest part 
is getting all the required packages installed, but since they are all 
available through yum,and you only have to do that part once, it's not 
that hard overall.

You will need to install SVN (subversion) and scons first:

yum install subversion
yum install scons

Then, follow the instructions on this page to fetch the current tree:

Then, open up Yumex or Synaptic (all others are insufferable for this 
task ;-) and start installing the packages listed on this page:

Remember: You need the -devel versions of each package in addition to 
the package itself!! (For example, you need librdf AND librdf-devel) 
Just about any build error you can expect to receive, means that there's 
a package someplace you're missing.

Once you have built and installed from source once, updating to the 
latest version is easy:

svn update ardour
cd ardour/
(then, as root, from the same directory)
scons install

The hardest part is getting all the required packages installed, but you 
only have to do that once. Then, you can stay on top of Ardour 
development all the time!

David Nielson