[PlanetCCRMA] getting Freebob-Firewire audio to work on FC8

Hector Centeno hcengar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 09:01:00 2008


I'm still struggling with firewire audio through jack-freebob on FC8.
Using the early versions of CCRMA FC8 kernels jack dies after a short
time of running a jack audio app and then I have to power off and on
the firewire interface (Edirol FA-101) in order to restart jack. Using
the latest CCRMA kernel, jack doesn't die but sound gets regularly
interrupted (in Ardour the playhead stops) for close to a second and
then restarts. I've tried passing the idle=poll option to the kernel
but still same results. My CPU is a Intel Core2Duo and I'm using a
Nvidia video card (proprietary drivers). Using jack-alsa works fine.
Same hardware running a different Linux distro (kernel 2.6.22 RT).
What could I do in order to help trace the source of the problem? I
think Fernado mentioned this being a problem with the RT patches on
the latest kernel in combination with some hardware.