[PlanetCCRMA] visited distro

Timo Timo" <timo.sivula at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 14:20:01 2008


being an amateur musician and no linux guru I have been very satisfied with planet ccrma for years. However, now I am getting tired of the faster than life release cycle of Fedora. Due to my current life situation, e.g. work and family, I too often find myself spending time on upgrading the Fedora release than composing, playing or recording music with my DAW. This is the result of the virtual lack of any legacy support for Fedora. 

IMHO Fedora is not an optimal distro for audio work because of the problem above. Ubuntu with its long term support program could give more time to focus on music than system admin stuff. The shutdown of the Fedora legacy project has put the usability of Fedora for productive  work in a very uncompetitive situation. I am afraid this does not only concern us musicians but also other potential linux users.

What are the experiences of the other ccrma users? Anybody else with this problem?

Best regards,

a long time planet ccrma user
now on fc4