[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora on older processor (Via C3)?

bhaskins@chartermi.net bhaskins at chartermi.net
Sat Jan 5 10:13:01 2008

---- Wayne Leeds <wleeds@comcast.net> wrote: 
> Hi,
> I'm trying to make a silent linux audio box using a Via C3 processor 
> (VIA C3 800AMHz, identified as Via CyrixIII 800A by the bios of my 
> MS-6315 socket 370 motherboard).
> Apparently, this CPU architecture is not directly supported by recent 
> Fedora releases.  How can i install Fedora on it?
> Or, are there other low wattage processors available today that can 
> operate fanless?
I do quite a bit of this.
One of my tricks is to use a Intel 4M (socket 478)
in a 478 Mboard.
I then use a big (overclockers style) heat sink
with quality!!! thermal grease.
I often have to add a copper shim between
the cpu and the heatsink to pull this off.
It does work!! I have units like this running
24/7/365 at 85% cpu usage and they are
well below the thermal limit.
> Thanks,
> Wayne
> Eugene, Oregon, USA
> wleeds@comcast.net
> P.S.  Is there a difference between the terms "Fedora Core" and "Fedora 
> Linux"????
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