[PlanetCCRMA] drop outs with FC8 and latest CCRMA kernel

bH atorima at vfemail.net
Thu Jan 3 17:07:00 2008

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Lamar Owen wrote:
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  <pre wrap="">On Thursday 03 January 2008, bH wrote:
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    <pre wrap=""> Hector,

 Thank you for info and for giving the various aspects of the argument. I
appreciate the input. I love CCRMA (and Fernando!) Hey! maybe, this should
be a t-shirt or, something ;)&nbsp; and I know this gets brought up from time to
time but, Fernando must be an Olympic marathon package builder and
maintainer to keep up with Fedora.&nbsp; I for one, would not be opposed to an
Ubuntu-based, CCRMA.&nbsp; uCCRMAtu?
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While on the surface this might seem like a good idea, I doubt seriously nando 
will go for it, simply because of the extreme pain involved in converting 
from an rpm build base to a .deb build base.  Unless he wants to do that, of 
course.  But there's more to it than the PlanetCCRMA repo; there's the whole 
rest of CCRMA which uses its own packages (I am correct, nando, in this?  
What Fedora/Red Hat is typically used in CCRMA itself?).

Having done some Ubuntu stuff (all the way back to Hoary Hedgehog), unless 
you're talking about the LTS versions, ubuntu is as fast changing of a 
distribution as Fedora is; every six months there's a release.
Yes, I was refering to "LTS" which I have as well as, 7.10, both are
supported thru 2009&nbsp; Good enough.&nbsp; I actually, opted to try the "64
Studio" 32-bit&nbsp; version next (which is based on, Debian 4.0 Etch, I
believe) on this older machine I have but, am waiting for a M-audio
card and a few other things to arrive before, I install it.&nbsp; <br>
Meanwhile, I have Fedora 6 on my laptop. I don't intend to change it
until, I have to&nbsp; By the time Fernando finished building the packages
for F6... F7 was out and it was time to "dig another one" and so on.
Now, it's 8. Before that gets sorted it will be 9.&nbsp; If, Fernando, can
keep up- great. If you want to try the latest bleeding edge Fedora,
great, there it is-&nbsp; X-runs and all.&nbsp; I however, refuse to re-install,
reconfigure, tune and get a stable system that works just because,
Fedora, has the latest, greatest, out for all to beta test. <br>
I have learned. For instance, I'm thinking of two friends who both have
old Mac's w/Motu cards.&nbsp; a G4 450 and a G3 400 !&nbsp; They work, they are
stable, They get 20+ tracks w/processing. They can't plug the latest
"iPod" into them or, something (because the "latest" version of
"iTunes" won't install) but, they are good DAW's and they are happy
enough with them and they fulfill their needs. &nbsp; If you really need
more...there are studios with&nbsp; things like-&nbsp; SSL consoles and MADI
converters, that can handle up to, 4 PT HD, rigs.&nbsp; You can flow your
latest creation made in, "Ardour", or "SuperCollider" right into them!&nbsp;
But, for me I just need a stable system that works.&nbsp; As for,
Fernando's, "pain" Rebuilding, CCRMA, every 6 or, 8 months sounds more
painful to me than converting from .rpm to .deb but, I'm not the one
that has to do it. <br>
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