[PlanetCCRMA] new realtime kernels for f7/8

Gregory Anderson gymjb at stu.ca
Thu Feb 28 08:43:01 2008

I also had alot of trouble with the latest -rt kernel.  I assume we are
talking about the same one (  The boot up
was very different from what it was on any earlier kernel.  Then once
booted I would have all sorts of problems like programs crashing, the os
crashing, and the cpu getting bogged down when doing very simple things.
As well most of the time the computer would not shutdown.  It would go
to the last stage (Halting system) and stay there indefinately.  I was
able to get around this by shuting down via a terminal using the command
'shutdown -h now' though.  I just went back to the kernel everything seems to be back to


On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 07:40 -0800, pyrael wrote:
> I noticed this post after getting alot of xruns, The I realized that i was
> running this new kernel. I also noticed that after about 20 minutes of
> siting Idle firefox will suddenly crash (without andy crash notice) and
> gnome's launcher bar (The one at the top of the screen) will disappear and
> only show when I put my mouse over the workspace chooser on the bottom bar.
> Strange eh?
> I booted up ( the next newest I have) and all
> is fine
> Py