[PlanetCCRMA] new system hardware recommendations?

steve linabery slinabery at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 20:58:29 PST 2008

It's getting to be cold outside and I'm wanting to update my DAW hardware.

I have an M-Audio Delta 44 that I'd like to include in a new audio
recording/editing/processing workstation.

I primarily record with ardour for audio and rosegarden for midi
recording. (I'm also thinking I'd like to alpha test ardour 3.0)

I use jackd, obviously.

I could probably reuse the sata hard drives I have in the current box.
What I'd really like is some advice on a mainboard (chipsets?
features?) and video card to achieve low latency, and play nice with a
recent realtime kernel.

I am partial to AMD 64-bit processors.

In years past I didn't find this sort of info on the planetccrma
website, but I'll check again. In the meantime, I appreciate any good
advice on the matter.

Good day,

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