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> Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 8:53 PM
> Len,
> Beware my own long post :P
> Yes, I've had the firepod working a while now. Mine is
> actually a firepod, not an FP10, but the only difference is
> a name change. Something to do with a certain Apple product
> I think.
> Based on your email, I'm fairly convinced that your
> problem is the Ricoh firewire chipset. Apparently not all
> firewire chips are created equal, which is of course silly
> seeing there is a specification. From what I can tell, here
> is the developers order of preference:
> TI (always works)
> VIA (works with some and not others, this is what I have)
> Ones that they/Presonus say don't work:
> Ricoh (yours, unfortunately)
> NEC (Presonus gear seems to have conflicts with these)
> Firewire built into Creative Audigy cards
> There is some addition hardware that is incompatible with
> listed here:
> http://psfaq.presonus.com/index.php?action=artikel&cat=21&id=48&artlang=en
> .
> Every software problem I had and have seen with getting the
> firepod working would have shown up in your logs- your logs
> get far enough into the initialisation to suggest to me that
> it is not software. I suggest you go to pc shops near you,
> ask to see a firewire card out of its box, and read the
> manufacturer off the chip, if that's possible with
> laptop cards. If it's TI, or less so VIA, buy! Make sure
> it is not a USB/firewire combo card, and that it does not
> have firewire 800, which has a much smaller socket. I found
> that TI cards were hard to get here in Brisbane, Australia,
> but VIA worked for me. Australian consumer rights guarantee
> a refund if it does not work in the advertised use so I was
> able to get a refund easily when I bought an NEC card by
> accident. Hopefully you can do the same.
> Another thing to be wary of is the motherboard... I have an
> AsRock P4i65G. There is an internal sound card which you see
> in the lspci below but I don't use it. The previous
> motherboard was an ASUS. I hate to say it, but every ASUS
> motherboard I have touched has had DSDT/ACPI issues, which
> screws with the interrupts, which in turn screws with
> firewire cards. Intel boards I know for sure are good about
> this and other interrupt issues, because Intel was one of
> the main companies who standardised ACPI and thus they
> follow it to the letter. But anyway, try the firewire card
> first, because I know that Ricohs have problems.
> Good luck!
> Adam

%< ----  snip!


Wow, thanks a lot.  That is all good information, even if it is a little disappointing :(   It is a shame that a 'standard' protocol varies so much among manufacturers/chipsets.

So, I guess the easiest fix is to buy a firewire ExpressCard with a TI chipset for the laptop?  According to Presonus, a StarTech EC13942 should do it:


If I do go that route, should I then disable the onboard (Ricoh) firewire device?  I'm not exactly sure how to do that - would I do it in the BIOS and/or elsewhere?

Does it also make sense to disable the onboard sound (HDA Intel), or does it not really matter?  

Thanks again for the info!



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