[PlanetCCRMA] inconvenience with some pd libraries

Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis fdesanctis at tele2.it
Fri Dec 5 11:05:02 PST 2008

Hi All,

I have Fedora 8 with Planet CCRMA on an AMD.
When I start pd with this script:


pd -alsa -channels 8 -lib boids -lib bsaylor -lib creb -lib flatspace
-lib zexy -lib cxc -lib cyclone -lib ekext -lib ext13 -lib fftease -lib
flib -lib freeverb -lib Gem -lib ggee -lib gyre -lib corelibs -lib pdp
-lib pidip

I receive this messages:

ALSA: set input channels to 12
ALSA: set input channels to 10

FFTease - A set of Live Spectral Processors
Originally written by Eric Lyon and Christopher Penrose for MAX/MSP

flext port (version 0.0.0) provided by Thomas Grill, (C)2003-2004

GEM: Graphics Environment for Multimedia
GEM: ver: 0.91-cvs
GEM: compiled: Nov 16 2007
GEM: maintained by IOhannes m zmoelnig
GEM: Authors :	Mark Danks (original version)
GEM:		Chris Clepper
GEM:		James Tittle
GEM:		IOhannes m zmoelnig
GEM: with help by Guenter Geiger, Daniel Heckenberg, Cyrille Henry, et
GEM: using MMX optimization
gyre: can't load library
/usr/lib/pd/extra/pdp.pd_linux: /usr/lib/pd/extra/pdp.pd_linux:
undefined symbol: pdp_metro_setup
pdp: can't load library
/usr/lib/pd/extra/pidip.pd_linux: /usr/lib/pd/extra/pidip.pd_linux:
undefined symbol: pdp_packet_header
pidip: can't load library

So some pd objects and patches are not active.
Can Everybody help me?

Thank You

Fabio de Sanctis

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