[PlanetCCRMA] jack: upgrades

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Dec 2 17:47:14 PST 2008

Hi all, short announcement. New Jack packages in the repositories,
available in two delicious flavors, in "planetccrma" you can now find:

Fedora 10: jack 1.9.1-0.svn3142.1
  new release of the jackmp server, best server in town

Fedora 9: jack 0.116.0-0.svn3154.1
  latest plain jack, this one is much much better than the flawed 
  0.109.2 release we all have learned to, hmm, hate? :-)
  Many improvements, see the details in www.jackaudio.org

Fedora 8: jack 0.116.0-0.svn3154.1
  same as for Fedora 9

But that's not all, in "planetccrma-testing":

Fedora 9: jack 1.9.1-0.svn3142.1 (ie: jackmp)
Fedora 8: jack 1.9.1-0.svn3142.1

And in "planetccrma" Fedora 10...

...I have also pushed a jack 0.116.0 package. Now that's an "old"
package (older than the jackmp version that is already there so you
can't install it directly) but if for some reason you would like to test
drive the plain jack you can. For that you will have to install "yum
install yum-allowdowngrade" and yum install the _exact_ version number
with the --allow-downgrade option in the command line. Not easy but

So, with Fedora 8/9 with planetccrma-testing active you get jackmp, with
planetccrma you get 0.116.0 svn plain jack. Fedora 10 planetccrma gives
you jackmp by default. 

(now if we could get nice 2.6.26.x rt kernels we would all be SO HAPPY!)
-- Fernando

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