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JOHN LYON jalyon at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 2 12:05:19 PST 2008

Thanks for the response.  Lots to think about. 

I agree that if I can get the rt kernel running, no other OS is going to beat it for low latency.  Plus, I've been doing Linux since 1994, and I like it.  

Dumb question, but how do I install the 'nv' video drivers?  Is there an RPM? 

Man, have I tried kernels.  Right now, I'm trying an older kernel, but I've tried so many.  Nope, it hangs too.  Okay, 'nv' here I come.

If I'm stuck with an non-rt kernel, my question is: can I make Jack work? I know how to set the latencies high, but without a lot of experimenting, I won't know if I can get a decent recording using the non-rt kernel.  Anyone else done this?  (Of course, I can do the experimenting, but I'd be grateful for anyone else's shared experience). 

Thanks for prompt replies,


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> First off, Windows or a Mac will probably not perform better 
> than a 
> Linux machine.
> Second, do you really *NEED* the NVidia drivers? Can you get by 
> with the 
> NV drivers? They do not accelerate anything, but they do work, 
> and they 
> don't cause any problem with the -rt kernel.
> Third, which kernels have you tried? Right now, the "stable" 
> solution 
> seems to be Fedora 8, with the 2.6.24-series -rt kernel from 
> Fedora 9 and 10, and the newer -rt kernels, have stability issues.
> Fourth, I've never used the Tranzport, so you'll probably have 
> to find 
> information on that from the Ardour home page.
> Lastly, you **CAN** use Jack without a -rt kernel, by turning 
> off the -R 
> option if you start from the command line, or un-checking the 
> "realtime" 
> box in the settings dialog in qjackctl. However, you will 
> probably have 
> to use very large latencies in order to get it to work without xruns.
> Good luck. We're all pulling for you.
> David
> JOHN LYON wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've been struggling looking for a solution to this problem:
> >
> > I have an NVidia GeForce 9500 GT video card
> >     (so I need to use nvidia drivers)
> > I want to use Ardour to do some multitrack recording.  
> > I'd like to use a realtime kernel
> > I need to use X (obviously)
> > I need to use jack (obviously).
> > I'd like to be able to use my Frontier Tranzport (my recording 
> area and control booth are in two different rooms).
> >
> > Right now I'm running CentOS, but I can re-install Fedora or 
> any other Linux distro if need be.
> >
> > My problem is that I can't seem to find a combination of 
> realtime kernel, nvidia driver, and X that works without 
> hanging.  This has put me a couple of weeks behind 
> schedule, and I just don't seem to have an answer.  I don't 
> seem to have a problem when I don't use the realtime 
> kernels.  But I see lots of xruns with jack. Which brings 
> up another question.  Can I make some decent multitrack 
> recordings WITHOUT using the realtime kernel (I"m using a 
> Pentium D dual-core CPU running at roughly .2.8 gigahertz, 2 gig 
> of RAM).   Or do I HAVE to have the realtime 
> kernel.  
> >
> > Has anyone solved this riddle already?  Or do I just have 
> to bite the bullet and buy a Mac?  Or use Windows?
> >
> > I'm getting very tired to tweaking and experimenting, and I 
> need to get back to playing music.
> >
> > Any help would be deeply appreciated.
> >
> > John
> >
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