[PlanetCCRMA] 4GBs of ram with 32-bit ccrma

sevol sevol at inwa.net
Thu Aug 28 02:25:09 PDT 2008

Jim Robinson wrote:
> As far as I am aware a regular Kernel can address up to 4Gb of ram but 
> if you go over the 4Gb you would need the PAE kernel.
> Out of interest does the BIOS report 4Gb at post time?  Do you have a 
> built-on-the-motherboard video card that is assigned memory from the 
> system RAM pool perhaps?
> Jim
Thanks for the reply. I couldn't find a memory size listing in the BIOS, 
but Memtest shows 3839M. BTW, it's a GIGABYTE GA-MA78G-DS3H motherboard 
with on-board video. & in fact, in the BIOS I did allocate 256MB of ram 
to video. If there was that amount of memory missing, I guess I'd have 
thought, OK, that's where the missing ram is being used. But I can't 
figure out the discrepancy. The ram is OCZ Reaper HPC Edition, Model 


(hmm... before getting this ram I thought I read in the customer reviews 
where a few Linux people were using it. I don't see anything now, but 
that may or may not matter.)

Anything else I can try?

> sevol wrote:
>> Hi People,
>> Recently I put together a new box with 4 gigs (2x2GB sticks) of ram. 
>> Under the kernel only 2.94GBs is showing 
>> up. Is it possible to gain the full 4GBs of ram with this kernel? My 
>> cpu is 64-bit, & initially, I tried a fc9 64-bit install. When the 
>> install disc failed to recognize my hard drive, I backed off to a 
>> 32-bit OS on fc8. (Anyway, not sure my heart was ready for the move to 
>> 64-bit.)
>> My searching indicates that a pae-enabled kernel is required for 
>> accessing all the system ram via a 32-bit OS. & the ccrmart kernel 
>> isn't pae-enabled, is it? Am I wrong on this, or missing some info to 
>> get things working? Are people able to utilize 4GBs of physical ram 
>> with a 32-bit ccrma kernel? Or will I need to switch to a 64-bit OS?
>> Any insight would be much welcome.
>> I have to say, I'm completely incompetent with audio work in general & 
>> certainly with Linux audio, but also, I'd like to say now, many thanks 
>> to Fernando Lopez-Lezcano for releasing Planet CCRMA's great software 
>> package collection.
>> best,
>>         -sevol
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