[PlanetCCRMA] Planet CCRMA on Centos 5

Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale Arnaud.Gomes at ircam.fr
Mon Aug 25 10:07:11 PDT 2008

Hi Keith,

Keith Sharp <kms at passback.co.uk> writes:

> 1) I'm running Centos 5.2, fully up-to-date, on a Dell 4700.  During
> start up with the CCRMA RT kernel the haldaemon locks and I have to
> power off the machine.  The workaround was "chkconfig haldaemon off",
> which is not ideal but so far I've not run into any issues as a result
> of this.

First, I must say the RT kernel is basically untested as I don't use
it myself on production machines. All I can tell is that it boots on
my test box.

Do you have any error messages in the system log? What happens when
you "service haldaemon start" after the machine has finished booting?

I am unfamiliar with kernel packaging in the planet but I think the
packages in the planet repo are based on Red Hat's MRG project
(http://www.redhat.com/mrg/); at least I know Fernando has built some
kernel versions with the MRG kernel as a base. It might be worth
- if Red Hat have released a newer version
- if CentOS/SciLinux/whoever are intending to rebuild MRG

I will have a closer look when I get back to work, but don't expect
anything before the middle of next week.

> 2) The Rosegarden4 RPM needs to have a few more requires added:
> perl-XML-Twig, kdebase (for kdialog), and libsndfile (for
> sndfile-convert).  Without these Rosegarden complains about not being
> able to import and export project files.

Thanks for the report, I will rebuild an updated package as soon as I


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