[PlanetCCRMA] recording midi with rosegarden--timing problem

steve linabery slinabery at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 15:36:48 PDT 2008

Hi planetccrma,

I'm trying to record midi with rosegarden. My friend sent me a midi
capture of one of the drum tracks I recorded when I was in NYC. When I
import it into rosegarden and play back sending midi to my vDrum
brain, it sounds like I just started playing the drums. As in, it
sounds like a beginner with no sense of time!

So, as an experiment, I recorded some midi in rosegarden. Just me
playing with a click; quarter notes, eighth notes, etc. speeding up to
some fast triplets.

On playback, again sending midi to my drum brain, it sounds like I
have no sense of time.

Using ardour <3<3<3 luv it, I had simultaneously recorded the audio
capture from the brain as I was playing...whew, what a relief; I
actually CAN play quarter notes in time.

Using qjackctl, I was routing my usb midi interface directly to
rosegarden's "0:record in" port on the "ALSA" tab for recording. In
qjackctl, under setup, I was using "none" for the MIDI driver.

If I set the MIDI driver to "seq" in qjackctl and restart jack, then I
get a bunch of new midi "channels" or "ports" or whatever in the
Connect window under the MIDI tab.

Something is off with the timing (clearly). When I just create a
sequence of quantized 16th notes (or whatever) in rosegarden, they
play back in time. However, it's like my midi note events originating
from my drum performance are "arriving" or at least being timestamped
incorrectly in rosegarden. (odd that this also seems to happen when
importing a midi file, although my friend has yet to attempt to
playback the midi file on his hardware as a test).

If you record midi, what do you use. Also if so, how to set up the
timing for whatever you use to record midi.

There are some options in rosegarden under the label of "sequencer
timing source" that list as follows:
system timer
RTC timer
PCM playback 0-0-0
PCM capture 0-0-1
PCM playback 1-0-0
PCM capture 1-0-1
PCM capture 1-1-1
PCM playback 1-2-0

I think that's actually a Rush song from the eighties...

I appreciate any advice. Good advice preferred.


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