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i am going for a new reinstall but i don t have any dvd at home so i am loooking for cd.iso.In fedora pages i ve found the directory of fc6 but it contains 6 cds, can i just dl the first one and then add the rest of packages i need via internet?
or do you have a specific  link for dling the image for cd?
which version is preferred? fc4 fc5 fc6 ?


Also check out Fedora re-spins over at  fedoraunity.org.  They have CD iso images available for Fedora 7 and 8.  You have to install jigdo to retrieve the various bits from the relevant servers (which can take a long time), but once you have all the images you can burn them to disc and install.  The advantage of re-spins is that you don't have as many package updates required after installation, though as I say, it takes quite a while just to assemble the isos.

I have tried installing the bare minimum Fedora before, and I think it required at least the first 2 discs, maybe 3.


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