[PlanetCCRMA] low power tv

Tom Poe tompoe at fngi.net
Thu Apr 17 04:05:14 PDT 2008

Fernando:  Is the CCRMA doing anything in the area of intranet tv?  I 
don't have any money, but I've scraped enough together to order a 
"radio" from www.ubnt.com.  It creates a wireless cloud with a range of 
several kilometers (claims up to 15 kilometers).  That's plenty for a 
small, rural community, like mine (Charles City, Iowa).

I want to set up a desktop computer that would then act as a broadcast 
station, and viewers around the community could see live feed from 
garage sales around town, each week, without leaving their homes.

I need a mentor/mentors to help me identify all the parts needed to 
execute a live tv show that lets everyone participate in a community 
videoconference.  There is no need to have Internet connection within 
this network as far as I can tell.  Any help moving this idea forward is 
Tom Poe, Charles City, Iowa

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