[PlanetCCRMA] fedora 8 / ccrma - hp dv9500t CTO

Nexxus Six nexxusix at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 11 14:55:23 PDT 2008

Hi all,
I have Fedora Core 8 installed on my laptop now. In fact, I am writing this email now in Linux. I need some help getting my laptop fully on board with Planet CCRMA.  Immediate issues at hand seem to be:

1. No wireless functionality - I know Fernando mentioned something about a wireless switch, and I need to know how to enable wireless on the laptop. I think its 1394 based (HP Intel Chipset).

2. Video drivers - I have nVidia 8400M GS video card, but the screen seems to be a little "slow" when scrolling. How can I be assure that I have the proper drivers?

3. Sound - I have sound, but have not yet get to the point of configuring Jack. I would like to be able to run Seq24, Hydrogen, and ZynAddSubFX. Any ideas?

The only other issue I have is trying to get the laptop to properly triple boot... I have Vista (C:/), XP Pro (D:/) and Fedora 8 (E:/). For awhile, I was only able to boot either XP Pro or Linux. After working with Vista Boot Pro, now XP wont boot - Grub seems to hang when trying to boot XP, just after the "chainloader" message. I can only boot Vista or Fedora at the moment, but would like to get all three OSs on board...

I appreciate any help and responses on getting these issues resolved... I really like what Planet CCRMA has to offer, and can wait to get it all going again... this is my first laptop... up to this point, I have been using regular PCs.

aka NexxuSix

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