[PlanetCCRMA] permissions problem with edirol fa-66

Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale Arnaud.Gomes at ircam.fr
Fri Apr 4 03:02:14 PDT 2008

kuzh anan <belgeler at seznam.cz> writes:

> Apr  4 01:18:40 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Error parsing configrom for node 0-00:1023
> Apr  4 01:18:43 localhost kernel: doh, someone wants to mess with state set 

This might be a permission problem on /dev/raw1394 or something, I
don't really know anything about this, never used a firewire interface

> ## Automatically appended by jack-audio-connection-kit
> @jackuser - rtprio 20
> @jackuser - memlock 4194304

Remove these lines, they conflict with the ones from the Planet CCRMA


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