[PlanetCCRMA] CAPS plugins and Ardour's segfaulting

Hector Centeno hcengar@gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 10:03:01 2007


Yes, there are new CAPS (0.4.2), I've been building them myself and
using them with Ardour without any problem (yet). I was going to
request this to Fernando too, so I second your petition. CAPS
available here:


And quoting from the release announcement in LAU:

"This release sees the addition of the fine work of David Yeh at CCRMA
on the emulation of classic tube amplifier tone stack circuits (more
here: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~dtyeh/tonestack/ ).

Three new plugins are building on the tone stack: ToneStack and
ToneStackLT offer isolated implementations, while the new AmpVTS unit
combines a refined AmpV and a ToneStack circuit.  I'm very grateful to
David for his brilliant contribution, and I'm quite positive that
those who actively use the CAPS Amps will share this sentiment.

Also primarily aimed at the discerning guitarist is the new AutoWah
plugin, offering a versatile rendition of this classic audio effect.

The last new plugin is Eq2x2, a two-channel 10-band graphic equalizer
modeled after an analogue design."



On 9/18/07, lanas <lanas@securenet.net> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I was told on the Ardour list that 1) the CAPS plugins sometimes have
> a tendency to make Ardour segfault on loading a project (which I've
> seen twice so far) and 2) that this should be fixed in the latest batch
> of these plugins.
>   I haven't checked personally... do you know if there's a new CAPS kit
> and if so, would it be possible to update the FC6 and F7 packages ?
> Al
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