[PlanetCCRMA] Qsynth and soundfonts

pyrael admin.covenantofblood@gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 10:01:07 2007

Ok, I searched posts for qsynth, but didn't find anything exactly like I am

I use Qsynth to load soundfonts (Rather than using Rosegarden's sounfont
support - I like the way Qsynth displays info)
I usually load a minimum of 3 soundfonts and a maximum of 5 soundfonts. (I
alway load the stock 8MBGM.sf2 (general MIDI) because I like some of those
2 questions:
1. After choosing a sounfont, and composing something and then clicking play
in rosegarden, I find that some or all of my tracks will revert to their GM
presets. So I then have to re-select the correct instruments while it's
playing. I have started inserting 4 measures of silence before my score
begins so that I have enough time to re-select the correct instruments and
record the tracks to audio channels, but this is a little annoying. Is there
a way to stop this from happening?

2. After finally getting my two sound cards set up to use the midi off the
creative and the audio off the ICH6, I noticed something odd. I can mute the
line in on the ICH6 (I patched the line out of the creative to it) and still
hear midi! I have also muted the midi of the ICH6 adn completely muted the
output of the SB512 and still hear my soundfonts. Does Qsynth not need the
creative card to play soundfonts? If this is so, I'll be removing that thing
:P (The audio on it is really poor in comparison)

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