[PlanetCCRMA] YUM chews up my karma, and spits out evil

Jason Russler jason.russler@gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 09:53:01 2007

kernel failed likely because it was a recent update and they're
haven't cached a recent "primary.xml.gz".  I find it unlikely that
Comast will honor either the "cach-control" or "Expires" headers.  But
they may surprise.  I tried calling once - they won - I gave up.  Now
I'm writing a letter.  It will be ignored I imagine.  Unfortunately,
they're the only game in town here - so all my indignation can pretty
much go sit on it's ear.

In the mean time, "export HTTP_PROXY=http://server:port" to a proxy
server and then use yum - it should honor the environment variable(s).
 You can google around for proxy-servers.  I don't have a checksum
mismatch to confirm this on right now but if you're still having
trouble, you can give it a try.