[PlanetCCRMA] 32 & 64 bit FC

joey.a joey.a" <joey.a at accelerators.co.uk
Sun Oct 28 04:11:02 2007

Still more unfortunately, my local expert was more efficient than I had
expected. By the time of your below email, he had solved the partitioning
problems, installed FC 7 on the new partition, downloaded PlanetCCRMA
software onto that, and given me an accelerated crash course in Linux,
leaving me somewhat streesed out. My (20 minute later) forwarding to him of
your below response, then left him in the same state, so it looks like I am
stuck with the 64 bit version for the time being.

Consequently, since I can't even open most of the programs, it would be
helpful if you could indicate precisely which ones should open in a 64 bit
environment (under what conditions), and which ones shouldn't, so that I can
work out what (if anything) I am doing wrong.

In addition, he has pointed out that FC 5 is no longer supported (suggesting
that the 32 bit version of FC 6 also might not be, for much longer), and has
suggested that I might be better off installing the longer term supported
Ubuntu, which he is confident Planet CCRMA should run on.
I would appreciate your comments on that, too.

At this stage, the main thing I need is help files.

I did manage to open Rosegarden, which was considerate enough to tell me it
needed JACK server to function. Although I could not find that in the
software list, I did manage to find, by trial & error that Qjackctl,
followed by start did the trick for that (cryptic, or not?)

I also managed to open Snd whose basic help did work. However, none of the
related help did, giving e.g. Firefox cannot find the file at
file:///snd.html#etc . (Surely that must be a bug which can be easily fixed,
if you know where these files are supposed to be located?)

I do now have some pretty good help files for SuperCollider (which is what I
think I need most). Unfortunately, however, as we already know now, this
does not work with 64 bit Linux. I did eventually find a Windows (beta
version) link which wasn't empty, and so downloaded that onto the other
partition, but that doesn't work either (not even a response to 2+2, enter).

I don't think I am completely useless when it comes to computers and music.
I did, after all, manage to design, build, program, & debug, a pyramid
computer music system based on refinements of a digitally controlled analog
flight simulation computer, with one of the first 16 bit microprocesssors at
the (lower end) man-macine interface, over a quarter of a century ago.
However, my initial attempt to interface with Planet CCRMA have left me
feeling a bit like Homer Simpson, when he can't fin d the ANY key.

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> On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 06:53 +0100, joey.a wrote:
> > Sorry, I am still a bit confused here. Do the various software packages
> > which are still 32 bits actually already run on 64 bit versions of FC,
> > not?
> >
> > If not, might I be better off installing a 32 bit version of FC
> The 32 bit version of fc is the one that has the most packages
> available. Stuff like pd and supercollider (as noted in a different
> thread) are missing. Depending on what software you need you might be
> better off with the 32 bit version (which will run just fine on 64 bit
> capable hardware).
> -- Fernando
> > Unfortunately, problems arose during the partitioning of my laptop in
> > preparation for installing FC, so it is still with my 'expert'.
> > I can't yet just try it to see.