[PlanetCCRMA] rme hdsp pcmcia (and probably pci) broken

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Nov 26 17:46:02 2007

Hi, anyone has a pcmcia rme card running? And working? With a reasonably
recent alsa? (this probably applies also for the regular pci rme cards,
I've had reports on the Planet CCRMA list about problems that sound
similar to this one). 

My test setup is on fc7 running:

  alsa-lib 1.0.15
  alsa-tools 1.0.15
  alsa-firmware 1.0.15

After a sequence of reboots this is what I get: + alsa driver modules from
svn 20070702.165519
--> OK + alsa driver modules from
--> OK + alsa driver modules from
--> OK + alsa driver modules from
--> BROKEN + alsa drive modules from

BROKEN means: after starting hdspmixer I get no sound from the analog
outputs (all previous tries play sound correctly with the default preset
in hdspmixer). Some channels do appear (using a Digiface II). In the
"broken" drivers I can get sound with the default preset if I send a
signal to channels 7 and 12, all other stay muted. 

Something broke drastically in the driver between 2007.08.30 and

Any help appreciated...

-- Fernando