[PlanetCCRMA] ZynAddSubFX problems still unresolved on F7/F8 with KDE

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Sat Nov 24 08:47:01 2007

On Saturday 24 November 2007 12:13, Mysth-R wrote:
> Perhaps you could try to compile Zyn by yourself ?

Hi. First I created a new user as Fernando had suggested, but the problem 
still exists.

Next, I remove Zyn, and compile the tarball version on F7 (version 2.2.1). 
Make ran ok, and clicking on the zynaddsubfx executable in the /src directory 
started Zyn, but the same problem still exists. 100% CPU useage, mouse is a 
bit jittery moving about on the desktop, and when I put the mouse pointer 
over Zyn's main window, I have a job to see, and position the pointer. If I 
click on the banks box, then click on minimize, Zyn minimizes to the panel, 
the banks window opens, and the CPU useage returns to normal. The banks 
window is useable, and the same applies if I click on the edit instrument 
box, then mimimize zyn. Click on edit ADDsynth, and another window opens, and 
still no problems. I can make changes to the parameters on Adsynth, and it's 
100% stable.

This is really weird, as you say that you have no problems with Zyn on F8, and 
KDE. I asked the same ? a while back, and Fernando said he had no problems 
with it on Gnome, so I logged out of F7 KDE, and logged back into Gnome, and 
Zyn performed as expected, no problems, which is why I thought it was some 
problem with KDE on F7, and now F8.

As I said previously, there is no problem with GUI's for other synths, Phasex, 
Horgand, and Hydrogen, or Soundtracker, Cheesetracker, or anything else. This 
is specific to Zyn's main window, and on KDE.

If I ssh into F7 from FC2, and start Zyn from FC2, Zyn's main window opens on 
FC2, and there are no problems with it, and everything works as expected.

I did post a bugreport against Zyn on F7, and KDE, and Anthony Green suggested 
it might be a fltk problem, but as he's not familiar with KDE, was asking for 
help. Bug report below.


Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining, but just a bit confused. I can always 
use use Zyn on FC5 or earlier, or Debian, or ssh into F7, or F8, and use it 
from FC2. It would be nice though to find out just why it's not working 
properly on F7, and F8 with KDE, but works fine on earlier FC versions on the 
same machine.

Hope your having a nice afternoon. It's evening now in Northern France.