[PlanetCCRMA] Re: common music on fc8?

joakim@verona.se joakim at verona.se
Wed Nov 21 15:38:02 2007

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> writes:

> On Sun, 2007-11-18 at 19:15 +0100, joakim@verona.se wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've so far been running fc7 rpm:s on an fc8 install.
>> However, it seems this is not possible with common music, due to a
>> newer sbcl in fc8. Furthermore, the fc8 rebuild of ccrma hasnt
>> progressed to cm yet.
>> Is this correct? Or can I make cm somehow work anyway?
> Not really. The version of sbcl on f8 is higher than in f7 and cm needs
> to be rebuilt. I have pretty much everything compiled including cm, but
> I have to do some testing which will happen tomorrow. Be patient for one
> more day...

Thanks for the new fc8 packages!

I'm having trouble to get this simple example working though:

(pprint (pm:getdeviceinfo))

(defparameter *pm-vkeybd* (portmidi-open :input "Virtual Keyboard"
:output "VirMIDI 1-0" :latency 0))

(defun midireceiver (mm ms)
  (pprint mm))

  (set-receiver! #'midireceiver *pm-vkeybd*)

I get:

set-receiver!: #<portmidi-stream "midi-port.pm"> does not support
:receive-type :PERIODIC.

Google reports similar problems here:


So I guess my basic question is if anybody got this working at all?

> -- Fernando

Joakim Verona