[PlanetCCRMA] Using 2nd sound card for output

Bob Wilkinson wilkinson.bob at comcast.net
Thu Nov 15 11:18:00 2007

Hold on - I think that there is a misunderstanding.

Are you attempting to use the Delta 1010 AND the AC'97 at the same time, or are you attempting to record (at a given time) using the Delta 1010, and then (at some other given time) use the AC'97 for monitoring and output?

If the former, then no - you cannot do it.

If the latter, then it should be as simple as choosing your output card (HW0 or HW1) in qjackctl before you start it up.

One time, you would have the Delta 1010 available, the other time the AC'97 - but never both at the same time.

If you wanted both at the same time, you would need a method of syncing the word clock - and the AC'97 has no method of doing that.

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From: Roy Vestal <rvestal@trilug.org>
> Ok, just for clarification, I cannot use the AC'97 for just output only 
> from any jack software, say Ardour2 or Hydrogen, correct?  If that's the 
> case, then i can live with sending the output back down my Delta 1010 ( 
> I don't have S/PDIF monitors yet).
> Follow up question:
> How do I get my AC'97 to be used by the CD/mplayer/xmms, etc? I was in 
> the studio last night and kept getting "could not find audio device" errors.
> Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> > On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 13:12 -0500, Roy Vestal wrote:
> >   
> >> I have FC7 with Ardour2, JACK, etc. working well. I have a Delta 1010 as 
> >> well as an on board AC'97. The output to the AC'97 is not showing in 
> >> JACK, but it works with "play wav.wav" for example. Is there a way to 
> >> get it so I can route the output of JACK apps (ardour2 for ex) to the AC'97?
> >>     
> >
> > Not really (unless you don't mind periodic clicks in the AC97 output).
> > If you want to use two cards they have to be in sync, that is, one has
> > to be a slave to the other. Otherwise the sampling rate clocks will be
> > slightly off and one card will output samples faster than the other and
> > eventually will have to skip a period so the other can catch up (ie: an
> > xrun or click will happen). 
> >
> > Does the AC97 onboard have an sp/dif output? If so you could perhaps
> > slave the 1010 to it. 
> >
> > -- Fernando
> >
> >
> >
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