[PlanetCCRMA] FC6/F7 and networking issues with latest rt kernel

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Wed Nov 7 20:19:00 2007

Ok, so my CentOS 5 install didn't go so well. But since I need this 
computer for business, I have to go back to where it will function for 
recording. At this point, I'm going with FC6 so I can have Ardour2.

Anyway, when I load the rt kernel (, my 
network just suddenly stops, as if I pulled the NIC cable. I go back 
down to the non-rt Fedora kernel (, network is fine.

I had this happen in F7 so I reverted to FC6. I need this box up and 
running but I need for full function of the network too.

Are their directions somewhere on the PlanetCCRMA site that give you 
instructions on patching/rerolling the "stock" kernel?