[PlanetCCRMA] CentOS 5 install, no sound

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Mon Nov 5 13:50:04 2007

Hi folks,
 I've installed CentOS 5 with the latest rt kernel (compiled from 
src.rpm). I'm having no issues with Jack starting, nor Ardour or 
Rosegarden. However, I get no sound. I'm not sure where I should look.  
I had FC5 installed, with the onboard sound disabled. I now have CentOS5 
installed, I've enabled the onboard sound (AC'97) and I have a Delta 
1010. I was rerouting the outputs (master out in Ardour for example) to 
the output of 1 and 2 on the Delta. However, regardless of which sound 
card I use, I get no sound. This is obviously not good.