[PlanetCCRMA] Payload list - Writing mini CentOS 5 How To

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Thu Nov 1 05:27:01 2007

I'm currently running FC5 with Planet CCRMA installed. I'm looking the 
payload list so I can duplicate it on my "new" machine.  I have been 
able to successfully install Ardour 2.1, Hydrogen and extra Drumkits, 
QJackCTL, and Alsa-Tools (I use Envy24Control) in CentOS 5.  I'd like to 
do a write up, but I'd like to test all the "basic" packages I use 
before sending it.

I'm not an RPM packager, but I'm hoping this will help those that are 
help Fernando with the CentOS builds.