[PlanetCCRMA] Rebuilding kernel on FC6/CCRMA

Michael Curtis michael@moltenmercury.org
Fri May 25 12:45:02 2007


I wonder if anyone can give me some pointers here.  I've recently installed 
FC6 and PlanetCCRMA on my music system (VIA mini ITX M1000, I believe, C3 
Nehemiah processor).  

Unfortunately, I couldn't get planetccrma-core to install and yum wasn't even 
listing the packages in the repository - strange.  Well, apparently my 
processor is "i586" according to RPM, despite uname -p claiming "i686".  And 
to my disappointment, fooling RPM into installing an i686 kernel doesn't 
work, as the kernel hangs at boot.

So looks like I need an i586 respin of the kernel.  I've got a bit of 
experience with rebuilding RPMs from source, but can't seem to find any 
information on the net about how to go about rebuilding kernels for 
PlanetCCRMA.  In particular, the SRPMS for planetcore are strangely absent. 
Where might I find one (not particularly picky as to version)? Also, what's 
the least painful way of changing the RPM for i586?  I expect I just need to 
modify the .config for i586 and come back much, much later.....