[PlanetCCRMA] nvidia with kernel-rt on fc6-1386

kelly khirai@ongaku.isa-geek.net
Fri Mar 9 06:42:02 2007

i would try, first get the kernel sources and header files.
then  download and install the driver package from nvidia's site.

nvidia's driver package compiles the driver against your current kernel
sources. i did this for the fc2 ccmra kernel, but haven't tried it


On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 05:03 +0000, jo punish wrote:
> hallo, since a long time I make my mm-experiments on diverse 
> linux-audio-distros. Now I installed a fresh fc6 on my amd-3800-x2-939
> with 
> nvidia-graphics. The new kernel 2.6.20-0119.rt8.fc6.ccrmart and the
> most 
> software-stuff are working fin. But without the native
> nvidia-graphics-driver 
> i have problems with my lcd-screen and render-stuff. I searched at
> livna and 
> there are only driver for the 2.6.19.* kernel. Is there in short time
> a 
> possibility to get the right driver for the new kernel-rt?
> thanks loop dundee
> come, see and get your cyberbrain ... its free ;)