[PlanetCCRMA] arecordmidi

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen@zonnet.nl
Wed Mar 7 23:48:01 2007


Looking for a very simple MIDI recording tool I found the commandline 
based arecordmidi which is part of the alsa-utils package.

If I do something like

 	arecordmidi -p 128:0 -m 129:0 test.mid

Where 128:0 is my USB-MIDI interface and 129:0 is where fluidsynth/qsynth 
is located, I should hear a metronome sound coming from midi channel 10. 
fluidsynth is using a GM soundfont, and in the qsynth GUI I can see the 
indicator blinking in the default tempo of 120 BPM.
And I can hear the metronome sound ... sometimes. Once in a while I hear a 
bell and/or a beep. But not a steady 120 BPM beat that I can use to keep 
my playing in time.

Qjackctrl is running, jack started, qsynth running with a GM soundfont, 
all running on FC6/CCRMA on a Compaq Armada E500 laptop.

Rosegarden is working fine, but I would like to use arecordmidi for 
quickly recording small musical ideas from the commandline.

Any ideas if and how I can get a steady metronome sound from an internal 
soundsource (timidity or fluidsynth) with arecordmidi ?