[PlanetCCRMA] Alsa Modular Synth

Frode Petersen planetCCRMA maillist <planetccrma@ccrma.Stanford.EDU>
Wed Mar 7 15:47:01 2007

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano skrev:
> I just tested again and something must have changed in yum or the
> undelying libraries because it appears to work fine (the .so deps), so
> it is now par of the repo...

Thank you!

>> Have anyone tried Bristol btw? (vintage synth emulator)
> Yep, briefly, very very nice. 
> I just added it to the fc5/fc6 repos (only tested on fc6 i386). I did
> not add a menu entry for it as it starts several processes and there is
> no way of cleanly exiting all of them from the GUI (that I could see).
> If you type "bristol -help" you should get some help - that help is
> missing the "-jack" option which is the one I used. 
> I tried (for example) "bristol -jack -2600" and got a nice ARP2600
> replica ... ohhhhh ... :-)

Got to try it then!

Again, thanks a lot!