[PlanetCCRMA] kernel-rt in new core components

Craig Bourne Craig Bourne <cbourne@cbourne.com>
Tue Mar 6 13:10:03 2007


One problem I have experienced with the most recent release of the 
2.6.19 rt kernel, including the one in the core package that you just 
released, is what looks to be thrashing during shutdown. Based around 
one out of memory  condition,  this resource may be compromised in some 
way that was not evident as recently as the version just prior in Ingo 
Molnar's release sequence.

The whole shutdown sequence is dragged out with the shutdown of many 
resources now taking more than 1 minute where before this took one 
second or less. The first shutdown that takes more than one minute on my 
system is mpd (the music player daemon). Though all the preceding 
shutdowns are abnormally slow as well.

I have several times seen that shutdown is normal if done immediately 
after boot. So I get the impression that uptime is a factor.

There has been no crash even with the (transient) out of memory 
condition. If I am patient enough it seems that the system will, after 
some very long period, shut down.

If there is some diagnostic that you ( or I.Molnar) would like me to run 
to help isolate the cause of this instability I will try to do that for you.


Craig Bourne