[PlanetCCRMA] fc6: kernel-rt; fc7: clm/cmn/cm/slime, jack

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jun 13 11:14:52 2007

Hi all, a few updates:

On fc7:
- new clm/cmn/cm/slime packages that match the new sbcl (1.0.6)

- new jack-audio-connection-kit packages! 
  svn snapshot from yesterday, version 0.107.2, svn 1050

the reason for the new jack package is manyfold, most important is that
the dynamic simd support changes by Jussi Laako[*] enables me to compile
the package with the proper optimization flags, it will (should?) work
on all ppro+ type processors, including those like the C3 that do not
have the cmov instruction. 

**NOTE**: the soundcard connections used to be named "alsa_pcm" and the
name has changed, they will now appear as "system" (this change happened
a while back and is meant to have the same name for all supported
platforms as "alsa" is linux specific). 

The new jackd also includes port aliases and the jack_midi
infrastructure, but I have not even tried to use it yet (or compile
packages that use it). 

On fc6:
- new kernel-rt packages including and Ingo's rt13 patch...

-- Fernando

[*] the changes still need some autotools magic that's not there, if
there is an autotools magician in the audience that would like to help
please contact Jussi...