[PlanetCCRMA] Install ipw3945 wireless module

John S. Dey jsdey@optonline.net
Tue Jun 12 06:29:02 2007

Hi List,

I am trying to get the ipw3945 driver loaded on the latest rt kernel for 
fc6.  I have installed the driver on the stock kernel.  When I run make 
on in the directory I get the following message:

[robo7@robo6 ipw3945-1.2.1]$ make

 WARNING: Your kernel contains ieee80211 symbol definitions and you
are not using the kernel's default ieee80211 subsystem.  (Perhaps you
used the out-of-tree ieee80211 subsystem's 'make install' or have
provided a path to the ieee80211 subsystem via IEEE80211_INC.)

If you wish to use the out-of-tree ieee80211 subsystem then it is
recommended to use that projects' "make patch_kernel" facility
and rebuild your kernel to update the Module symbol version information.

Failure to do this may result in build warnings and unexpected
behavior when running modules which rely on the ieee80211 subsystem.
 Aborting the build.  You can force the build to continue by adding:


to your make command line.


Should I set the enviromental variable and re-make?  Or is there another 
approach?  Thanks for your assistance.

make: *** [check_inc] Error 1