[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 7: Planet CCRMA for i386!

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jun 7 18:07:32 2007

[WARNING: fc7 is new. New releases have bugs. I don't like bugs. I would
not install fc7 right away. Specially if I were to be already making
music on fcx where x < 7 :-]

Having said that, there's a trial version available of Planet CCRMA
built on top of Fedora 7 i386 (for now). As usual you start by pointing
to the Planet CCRMA repositories (all in one line):

rpm -Uvh

Then get the realtime kernel and friends:
  yum install planetccrma-core

Then get the applications and nice menus:
  yum install planetccrma-apps

As usual you can see the available packages at the repoview web site



Pretty much all packages already available on fc6 are now available on
f7 (see below for exceptions).

I usually take a long time to rebuild on top of a new Fedora release, I
don't know what happened this time but having a trial Planet CCRMA a
week after the new release has never happened before :-)

Things I know don't work: Common Music does not start properly (but CLM
and CMN are happy), it does start on a mach chroot but not on my trial
install in an old disk in my old laptop. Supercollider does not start
properly, sclang seems happy and prints the right things but exits at
the end instead of waiting for commands... Pd, as is usual in new
releases, lacks the Gem external which is a perpetual pain to build, and
if experience is any guide it will take a while to get it compiled. 

Many other programs may _not_ be working. If you find one please let me

-- Fernando