[PlanetCCRMA] Planet CCRMA used to score/restore classic silent film

rob switzer rman@pa.net
Sun Jul 1 08:53:01 2007

	The Chain Tape Collective announces the downloadable pre-release of
Caligari: An Exquisite Corpse.

        The project includes some stunning music from 11 different
collective members, comprising two complete and brand new soundtracks
for the German Expressionist classic 'The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari'.  

        The film was scored using an Exquisite Corpse process.  Each of
the 11 contributors scored an act of the film in isolation from all of
the others, with only the visual continuity of the film serving as a
unifying factor.

        Two of the 11 contributors used Ardour .99.3 and a very early
xJadeo running on FC4-CCRMA to score/sync their contributions.  Ardour
was also used to construct rough audio masters for both the NTSC and PAL
versions of the project.  Rezound, pd, SooperLooper, Rosegarden,
LinuxSampler, Qsampler, JAMin, and Tap Plugins were also used. 

        Musical styles range from early 20th-century chamber music to
electronica to out-jazz to lo-fi to noise.

        Visually, the film has been restored to the six act structure of
the original scenario, tinted, and new inter-titles after the style of
the German originals have been added.

        Restoration was completed using open source NLE Cinelerra-cvs,
along with The Gimp.  Time code implementations in Ardour/xJadeo and
Cinelerra play nicely together, and appear to be mutually
frame-accurate, at least at 24 and 25 fps.

        The DVD is in the final stages of mastering, and will be
available in limited quantities from project participants only, for
those who like some artifact with their art.

        Anticipated DVD release date is September 1.

        A downloadable DVD-quality version is available now from
archive.org. This version contains both soundtracks in a single file,
and requires either QuickTime Pro >= 7.1.x or vlc > .8.x.

Here's the link:


        Windows media player users can download compatible versions 


        Choose the Cinepak option from the download section for best
Windows Media Player compatibility.  There are two downloads, one
for each soundtrack.

        Mac users with standard QuickTime or iTunes players have 
versions here:


        Choose the QuickTime option from the download section for best
compatibility.  There are two downloads, one for each soundtrack.

        Don't bother with any of the archive.org streaming options --
they don't work very well! Right-click or option-click the links and 
save to your local hard drive before viewing.

        And, as always, any reviews submitted to archive.org will be
greatly appreciated!