[PlanetCCRMA] hexter-dssi problem

m.tarenskeen mt@zonnet.nl
Tue Jan 23 09:36:00 2007


My Fedora FC5 died totally, and I had to reinstall FC6 .

Now I that have set up thing almost as they used to be, I tried to run 
qjackctl and hexter-dssi.

It seems I'm having a problem with hexter's gtk frontend. I can start the 
stuff, see a message in my terminal that hexter-gtk is started, I can 
connect hexter to vkeybd, and to a pcm output, and I can play and get 
sound. But I can't SEE hexter's gtk frontend to load and select 
DX7 patches. Very strange. Anyone recognizes this problem or has a 
suggestion what I have to check or fix here ?


Martin Tarenskeen