[PlanetCCRMA] NEWBIE: What are Xruns?

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xruns are "hiccups" in the throughput process in which the computer (whether due to improper setup, lack of memory, lack of processing power, etc) cannot keep up with the processing need.  The net effect, in the case of recording, is that there comes a blank spot in in the audio which did not get recorded.

I'm sure that there are others who can give a significantly more technical answer...

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I just got <a
Rosegarden Companion"</a> through Amazon yesterday. I have only had
time to skim through it, but it looks like it will answer a LOT of my
questions, not only specific to RG but generally regarding Linux home
I noticed that it mentions something about "Xruns bad" in one section.
Then I see where someone's talking about a problem with Xruns here on
the List.<br>
Xruns aren't covered in the book. What are they, how do they affect
what I'm trying to do, how do I know if I have them, and what do I do
to prevent them?<br>
(N.B. I noticed "The Rosegarden Companion" was published in 2005. Is it
still timely enough, or has Rosegarden "moved on" a lot from there?)<br>

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