[PlanetCCRMA] MAUDIO USB Midi keyboard FC5

Mark Haidekker HaidekkerM@missouri.edu
Thu Jan 11 13:07:01 2007

On Thu January 11 2007 14:51, Steven Schmidt wrote:
> I'm having a hard time getting the keyboard I had working on a RH9 planet
> system with ezusbmidi to work on a new FC5 system.  Can anyone recommend
> how I should be doing this?  Ezusbmidi seems like the wrong approach.  I
> never get the additional sound card mentioned in the nano howto with cat
> /proc/asound/cards.  Is there a new way to deal with USB devices in FC5?
> Thanks.

Maybe I'm the wrong person to answer that, because I have limited experience 
with complete USB sound solutions. I know, however, that M-Audio is known for 
good Linux compatibility. I'm using a M-Audio kbd myself, and it works almost 

Here is what I'd try to examine the prpblem:

1) Can you find the card in /proc/bus/usb or with lsusb?
2) If the card registers with the USB system, can you see that the kernel 
module loads? With my keyboard, I found that it helps modprob'ing the 
usb-midi module BEFORE hooking it up.
3) If the kernel module has been loaded, does it help stopping and restarting 

Hope this gets you a step ahead.