[PlanetCCRMA] New linux user trying Rosegarden via CCRMA FC5

gary carroll garycarroll@charter.net
Sat Jan 6 18:25:02 2007

I am a new Linux user, and I'm trying to set up a system to allow my wife  
to do MIDI notation and editing for her new MIDI keyboard. I did a new  
install of FC5 following the instructions on PlanetCCRMA as closely as I  
was able to.
I get sound from my speakers in the form of system beeps, and sound from  
applications and web pages. I do not get any sound from Rosegarden. At  
this point the computer is stand-alone, not hooked to the keyboard in any  
way. I intend to get it to work stand-alone before I tackle the issues of  
connecting to the keyboard.

When I start a file playing in Rosegarden I see the green “light” flicker  
in Qsynth's “engines selection” button in time with Rosegarden, so it  
appears Rosegarden is sending some information to the synthesizer engine.  
However, no sound emerges and the qsynth message window displays an  
unending stream of :
fluidsynth: warning: ALSA sequencer buffer overrun, lost events
fluidsynth: warning: ALSA sequencer buffer overrun, lost events
fluidsynth: warning: ALSA sequencer buffer overrun, lost events
fluidsynth: warning: ALSA sequencer buffer overrun, lost events

Qjackctl messages seem to indicate it is running (and “started”) properly,  
but I see nothing to indicate it is getting any input from fluidsynth. (I  
am not sure what I would see, never having seen a properly operating  
system. I am just guessing I would see something.)

Also, in Rosegarden under Settings/Configure Rosegarden/Sequencer, I  
notice the Sequencer Status is “no driver”. I admit ignorance, but this  
sounds like it can't be good. When I click “show detailed status I get a  
good deal of information but I think this is the relevant part:
AlsaDriver::setPlausibleConnection: connection like 64:0 M Audio  
Audiophile 24/96 MIDI (duplex) requested for device 0
AlsaDriver::setPlausibleConnection: nothing suitable available

It seems to me that the Qsynth error message is telling me it can't send  
information to Jack (or through Jack to the speakers), while Rosegarden  
may or may not be sending correct information to the synthesizer.

There were some instructions on carefully modifying my  
"/etc/modprobe.conf" file if I “have more than one soundcard.” Actually, I  
have no soundcards and rely on the sound on the motherboard, but I think  
for the purposes of the install that counts as a single soundcard, and  
thus I probably did not need to modify my modprobe.conf file.  However,  
just in case it is relevant, here it is:
alias eth0 sis900
alias scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx
alias snd-card-0 snd-cmipci
options snd-card-0 index=0
options snd-cmipci index=0
remove snd-cmipci { /usr/sbin/alsactl store 0 >/dev/null 2>&1 || : ; };  
/sbin/modprobe -r --ignore-remove snd-cmipci

The system is a 2.6 Ghz p4 / 1gb RAM on an Asus p4s533, using the on-board  
sound chip.

Have I supplied enough information so that someone can either point me in  
the right direction or make a suggestion?

Oh, and while I installed with FC5, there is really no special reason for  
me to do this over any other distro. There is nothing at all on this  
system yet, and if I would be well advise to scrape the drive clean and  
reinstall something else, please tell me.

Thanks in advance