[PlanetCCRMA] Installing different versions of jack

linuxmedia4@netscape.net linuxmedia4@netscape.net
Tue Jan 2 15:36:01 2007

 > Could you elaborate on what is wrong with the ecasound/jack
 > combination? I can't imagine how jack could be failing...

-- Fernando

All references to ecasound are version 2.4.4...

If I have an ecasound "track" that is (for instance) 60 seconds long, 
and I have one (or more) that are longer than 60 seconds and I run 
ecasound... there's no problem. But if I add an effect to the "short 
track" and run ecasound... when the "short track" finishes... some time 
after that the sound "shuffles and stutters" and it even locked my 
computer up to the point where I had to shut it off without a proper 

This "short file with effects bug" has shown up on my FC3/CCRMA set up, 
but the results were different (I think ecasound came to a halt)... and 
it only happened with ecasound/alsa. But with FC5/CCRMA, the "short file 
with effects bug" happens with both ecasound /alsa (and) ecasound/jack.

It (seems) obvious that it's a bug in ecasound (I reported it to the 
ecasound list). So I may want to try different versions of jack. I know 
you're busy, but it would be great if you do get a chance to put up a 
newer version of jack.