[PlanetCCRMA] Low-to-Midrange Preamps

Bob Wilkinson wilkinson.bob@comcast.net
Mon Feb 5 20:38:03 2007

Hi all - 

CCRMA is working like a dream with my two Delta1010s on my latest setup, but it's coming up on time to take it a step further.  Until now, I've been tethered to a mixing console to use for my inputs, and it's starting to get a little overbearing.

I would like to release the old console completely, so that I simply carry with me a rack containing 16 channels of input (through some sort of preamps), the two Delta 1010s, and my CCRMA box (rackmount cases make life SO nice).  Unfortunately, I am really starting to get overwhelmed with the different choices of preamps - and my budget is on the low side.

To start out, I guess the best bang-for-the-buck would be a pair of single space rackmount 8 channel preamp, but which ones?  These would end up (long term) being general "workhorses", so I want clean - very little coloring, what-the-mic-hears-is-what-it-repeats preamps.  As time (and finances) move forward, I can consider the specialty tube preamps (unless somebody can come up with 16 channels of tube preamps for the cost of a song and really frightening dance - but I doubt that) for those times that "they just work".

Let me know what you think.  My research has hit a wall at this point, because I haven't actually used any of these that I've read about.

Total cost for the two preamps I would prefer to keep less than $700.