[PlanetCCRMA] i686 arch alsa rpms with AMD Duron

G Quested garryq@comp.leeds.ac.uk
Mon Apr 23 02:00:07 2007


I recently reinstalled/upgraded to FC6 with planetccrma

I now can't run jackd anymore. Everytime i run it regardless of the
options i choose it reports "illegal instruction". This appears after
a couple of lines of alsa output (sorry i'm at work at the moment so
i can't post the whole jackd output).

I've looked around and it appears that it may be a problem that i'm 
using an AMD Duron (dave phillips had a similar problem here:

Does this mean i need to find an alternative to planetccrma now that stuff
is being compiled for i686? or should i just build the offending packages 
from source and hope it doesn't come up too often?

Any suggestions for alternative distros if that's the most sensible route?
(from dave's article it looks like i'll have teh same problem with several
other music/multimedia distros.


Garry Quested
School of Computing
University of Leeds