[PlanetCCRMA] FC7: Any plans for a repo yet???

Anthony Green green@redhat.com
Fri Apr 13 03:20:05 2007

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Renich Bon Ciric wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-04-08 at 04:22 -0700, Anthony Green wrote:
>> livna isn't really part of Fedora, so I don't know if they follow the 
>> Fedora packaging guidelines.  
> Actually, I've heard, at irc://freenode/fedora, that fedora supports
> livna too. AFAIK livna is officially a Fedora Repo.

It isn't.  It's an independent project, like PlanetCCRMA.

>> Out of curiosity, however, I had a quick 
>> look at that spec file, and it didn't look to bad to me.  They only 
>> apply two patches.  One is a makefile patch to add the -msse compiler 
>> flag, and the second simply fixes the pkgconfig file.  What other 
>> changes are you referring to?
> Well, I saw some sed lines that change library locations to
> whateverlib.so -> whateverlib.so.0 and stuff. I mean, why not standard?

Because it was broken.


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