[PlanetCCRMA] Anyone using qsampler/linuxsampler on fc6?

Neil Klepeis lists@netsession.org
Sun Apr 8 13:44:01 2007

Luis, Here is what installed from planetccrma.


I also tried compiling everything from scratch with the newest versions, 
but the same error message appeared when starting qsampler ("Could not 
connect to server as client.  Sorry.")

Jason:  The error occurs even after I wait, i.e., every time I start 
qsampler.   I've started linuxsampler in the same terminal window 
("linuxsampler &", then "qsampler"), but with no luck (same message). 
I'm wondering if I have some strange network configuration in fc6. 
Although, I have both the firewall and selinux currently disabled.


Thanks for your ideas.


Luis Garrido wrote:
>> Has anyone else gotten qsampler working on planetccrma/fc6?
> Yup, no problems here.
> Can you be more specific about the versions you are using? Did you
> upgrade your old fedora or made a clean install? I did the later.
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