[PlanetCCRMA] No sound whatsoever...

christopher melen chris_melen@yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 12:33:01 2006


I'm running planetccrma on a Dell Optiplex GX100. I
have no internet connection on this machine, so
installed using the pre-prepared disks located at -


Although my soundcard worked perfectly during the
initial installation test, I now have no sound
whatsoever. My soundcard spec -

VENDOR: Ensoniq
MODEL: ES1371 [AudioPC1-97]
MODULE = snd-ens 137

Although I am a relative newbie, both to Linux and
such things as alsa and jack, I'm pretty sure it's not
a trivial configuration issue; possibly a kernel
module problem?

Perhaps a clue lies in the fact that when I test the
soundcard now the test freezes (with no sound,
obviously), and I have to force quit.

Hope someone can shed some light on this!

Many thanks in advance,

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